The AZPeople web portal developed by AutoZone Inc. is intended not only for its employees but also for its employees and other authorized members of the company.

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The AZ People web portal offers various services and functions for humans and is accessible from anywhere via a web browser and an Internet connection.

Some of the features available to AutoZone login portal users are verification of AutoZone payroll and pay numbers, enabling direct deposit options, daily work hours, W2 taxes, and payment forms. to earn and receive paid time off or vacation, skill enhancement programs, employee medication recalls, and the Autozone digital discount card.

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What Are The AutoZone Portal Features?

The Autozone portal for employees and authorized members offers various functions through these portals, which are explained in more detail below.

  • Access to health services such as vision, dental and disability insurance, and insurance.
  • Map your bank accounts on the web portal to directly receive your monthly payments or salaries.
  • If necessary, download W2 tax and salary receipts directly from the portal or print them.
  • Employees can apply for private and sick leave on this portal and access paid and professional leave each year.
  • The portal also has a great resource called Rest of Employee Medication, which helps employees with long-term illnesses take their medications at the right time of the workday.
  • Get access to the Autozone digital discount card, which offers discounts and rewards to card users or employees when purchasing auto parts at Autozone retail stores.
  • Access your monthly AutoZone payment receipts and complete the statistics for these transactions.
  • Plus, access and print your payroll forms to apply for bank loans.
  • Access your work schedules every day before you arrive at the office or in the comfort of your home.
  • You can also get discounts on computer parts and accessories purchased from local and international stores.

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