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The AZ People web portal developed by AutoZone Inc. is intended not only for its employees but also for its employees and other authorized members of the company. The web portal offers various services and functions for humans and can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser and an Internet connection.

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Some of the features available to AutoZone login portal users are reviewing pay stubs and AutoZone numbers, activating direct deposit transactions, various health benefits, requesting and receiving paid time off or vacation packages, skill enhancement programs, employee medication recalls, and the digital discount card.


AZ People - Reset Password

Follow Process in Incase You Forgot Password

To restore your account on the AZ People portal, follow the steps described here.

  • Click the web link I forgot the ATM password specified here.
  • After opening the page, enter your username and last name.
  • Now the opportunity to look in these sections.
  • When you find your account, follow the instructions on this page.
  • After following these steps, another page will open.
  • Enter your new password on this page and confirm the password.
  • You can now visit the login portal and enter your login information to access your account.

Can’t Login? Follow Troubleshooting Method

AZ People web portal users face minor issues including loading time, slow servers, connection errors, registration errors, and connection issues. Slow servers and load times are caused by increased portal traffic, which is rare. Other problems can be easily solved with the precautions or tips below.

  • Make sure that the installed software does not block the website as it is often interpreted as malicious.
  • The auto-complete feature generally doesn’t match the credentials of different platforms, so it’s best to disable the auto-fill feature.
  • The Internet connection through which you access the portal must be fast and uniform, preferably a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Clearly check the web address for spelling errors, as there may be many scams or fake websites posing as the original address to steal data and information.
  • As mentioned above, the idea is to use the latest version of the browser to access all its functions.
  • Make sure to enter the correct login details when logging in or during the registration process.
  • Sometimes the website can be down due to maintenance. Visit the Planet Web App website, which can clarify whether the website is being maintained or not.
  • If requested, accept all cookies, as the website works correctly or efficiently.

If problems persist, call AutoZone Human Resources at 800-288-6966 or visit your nearest Autozone dealer.